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kshtriyas The royal


'' One of the 36 clan Rajput Kshatriya. Vansh - Munivansh,brahamkshatriya Gotra - Gautam Origin- Jagmanpur (Jalon), Bhareh (Etawah), Lakhnesar(Balia), Rura(UP), Datia, Satna, Rewa (MP)

Sengar are a clan of Rajputs belonging to Saugor and Jubbelpore. Possible derivation of name from: Chattis-kul-Singar, (Hindi) the ornament or grand focal point, as in the Head of State, a term often used by a BARD in praising his ruler. On his visit to the royal court or to a feudal lord, he recited the family's genealogy and also the deeds of the ruler's forefathers.

In Mewar, along with other forms of glorification, a bard used terms such as Hindua Suraj (Sun amongst the Hindus), Gau Brahman Pratipal (Protector of Cows and Brahmans), and Chattis-kul-Singar (Ornament Amongst the 36 Rulers). Not only was this visit meant to keep the ruler informed about the good deeds of his ancestors but also a message that he should also follow suit. After reciting all these exaltations, he would bless the ruler, then take his seat in the Durbar.

Jagmanpur: 9 km from Rampura, Jagmanpur, UP, once the headquarters of the Sengar Rajput clan under Raja Rup Shah, also houses a large masonry fort. The confluence of five rivers nearby, known the "Panch Nada" is an added attraction for the tourist. The two forts can be visited with due permission from the owners.

Sahar near Etawah under Akbar’s reign probably comprised the bulk of the old pargana of Bidhuna, and to the south of it lay the mahal of Phaphund, whose local limits probably corresponded roughly with those of the pargana which was broken up only in 1894.

Then, as now Phaphund appears to have been occupied for the most part by Sengar, Rajputs and, to judge from the amount of revenue it paid in proportion to its size, must have been a well cultivated and populated tract of country. Its cultivated area is recorded as 111,546 bighas paying a revenue of 5,432,391 dams, its military contingent being 2,000 infantry and 300 cavalry.

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